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Discussion in 'C' started by am2007, Sep 30, 2007.

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    Can anyone help me with the following?:

    Correct the problems with this function, and then extend it so that it also returns a usable array of pointers to some structures.

    The extended version of this function should:

    a) Maintain the same "char *" return type which returns a pointer to a usable, for storing a ā€œCā€ string, memory buffer.

    b) In addition, also return a usable array of pointers to structures. This array of pointers is of variable and random length, which must be obtained using GetNumberOfSomeSeqsToGenerate(), which is called, ONLY, from within this new extended version of the function.

    c) The type of these structures and the function that should be used to get these structures are defined as follows:

    typedef struct {
    char* name; /* '\0'-terminated C string */
    int number;
    } SomeSeq;

    /* How many structures should be in the returned array
    int GetNumberOfSomeSeqsToGenerate(void);

    /* Return the next structure (to fill the
    * abovementioned array with).
    * Caller is responsible for the cleanup of the returned structure
    * and all its content. The latter are all allocated in
    * dynamic memory.
    SomeSeq * GetNextSomeSeq(void);

    Do NOT(!) use "C++" syntax.
    Use good programming practice, as much as these instructions allow.

    Write a function which calls this function, prints out all data returned by it, and makes sure there are no memory leaks.

    Do NOT(!) use "C++" syntax.
    Use good programming practice, as much as these instructions allow.
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    We're not here to make your grade or your salary. Do your own homework. Post problematic code here for help.

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