Need help, using VB 2005 Express and Access

Discussion in 'Database' started by MOON, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Ok, bear with me, this must be obvious to someone but I can not get it.

    I'm writing an application in Visual Basic 2005 Express, and in my project I have an Access database added (.mdb) and the dataset (.xsd). What I need to do is in some functions I'm writing, retrieve information from a Table in said database, and I'm sure there must be some easy built-in functions for doing this but I don't know them.

    For example for a constructor:


    Public Sub New(ByVal intID As Integer) intClassVariable = some data from the table retrieved using the ID parameter

    The ID parameter being the ID on the Table of course.

    So how do I accomplish this? I noticed I can declare objects as I need to set a 'DataSet' object to refer to the .xsd part of my project?

    thanks in advance
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    Express edition is free to download from the Microsoft website and you need to be buying the Access.

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