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help unpack textures please

Discussion in 'Game programming' started by Marcoto, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Marcoto

    Marcoto New Member

    Mar 31, 2010
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    Hi. I would ask if anyone is able to extract the textures of these files. I explain a bit but use a translator, I hope you understand me. Well, they are cabinet files texture Xbox. There are two games, of SR1 and SR2. In SR1 olny exist peg_xbox2 files but in SR2, exist peg_xbox2 and g_peg_xbox2.

    In SR2 (And SR3) you need the two files but in SR1 there is only 1
    I need to extract files from SR1 (Xbox version) and SR2 (Xbox Version). PC I can extract them but SR1 and SR2 DLC have only been on Xbox version.
    Note: I just need the textures. It is not my intention to draw anything more nor anything related to piracy.
    I have also files on pc version if anyone wants to watch.
    Examples(I can not put links):
       A €                                                   € €                 €                   €  @ @’            À                       €   ’                                      € €            `                      À                                          À  € €[            `                          à                                      
    à  € €            `                          [                                      @ @’            À                         @ @’                 à                  à  @ @’            À                      à  @ @’                 à                  
    À  @ @’            À                      
    À  @ @’                 à                     @ @’            À                         @ @’                 à                  €  @ @’                À                  @   €’               @                 billboardpost_sp.tga boat_speed04_turret.tga dcl_copnum_0.tga boat_speed04d.tga jt_leather1c.tga boat_speed04_drt.tga jt_leather1_n.tgn weaponcrate_pl.tga weaponcrate_p.tga weaponcrate_nm.tgn dcl_copnum_9.tga dcl_copnum_1.tga dcl_copnum_8.tga dcl_copnum_2.tga dcl_copnum_7.tga dcl_copnum_3.tga dcl_copnum_6.tga dcl_copnum_4.tga dcl_copnum_5.tga l_commander.tga 
          P          @ @ ’              P                  P    “                                  genshadowcircle.tga sr2_chunk111.tga 

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