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Help need to understand simple simon game

Discussion in 'C' started by devraj_01, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. devraj_01

    devraj_01 New Member

    Nov 13, 2011
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    Hi, This is Deva.

    i am right now end of the loop chapter.

    Using compiler GNU-GCC -std-gnu99

    Host OS= WIN7

    Almost I understood the code. But except CLOCKS_PER_SEC,

    While declaring variables at the start of block.

    Its time_t now = 0;

    But while in the inner loop

    now = clock();
    seed = time(NULL);

    Is there anybody can help me understanding with this code.

    I have to start Arrays. After completing this. Your help will greatly appreciated.

    /*Program 4.12 Simple Simon*/
    #include<stdio.h>                           /*For input and output*/
    #include<ctype.h>                           /*For toupper() function*/
    #include<stdbool.h>                         /*For bool, true, false*/
    #include<stdlib.h>                          /*For rand() and srand()*/
    #include<time.h>                            /*For time() and clock()*/
    int main(void)
        char another_game = 'Y';                /*Records if another game is to be played*/
        int correct = true;                     /*true if correct sequence entered , false otherwise*/
        int counter = 0;                        /*Number of sequences entered successfully*/
        int sequence_length = 0;                /*Number of degit in a sequence*/
        time_t seed = 0;                        /*Seed value for random number sequence*/
        int number = 0;                         /*Stores an input digit*/
        time_t now = 0;                         /*Stores current time - seed for random values*/
        int time_taken = 0;                     /*Time taken for game in seconds*/
        printf("\n To play Simple Simon, ");    /*Describe how the game is played*/
        printf("watch the screen for a sequence of digits.");
        printf("\nWatch carefully, as the digits are only displayed" "for a second! ");
        printf("\nThe computer will remove them, and then prompt you ");
        printf("to enter the same sequence.");
        printf("\nWhen you do, you must put spaces between the degits. \n");
        printf("\nGood Luck!\nPress Enter to play\n");
        scanf("%c", &another_game);
        do                                      /*One outer loop iteration is one game*/
            correct = true;                     /*By default indicates correct sequence entered*/
            counter = 0;                        /*Initialize count of number of successful tries*/
            sequence_length = 2;                /*Initial length of a digit sequence*/
            time_taken = clock();               /*Record current time at start of game*/
            while(correct)                      /*Inner loop continues as long as a sequence are entered correctly*/
                sequence_length += counter++%3 == 0;
                                                /*on every third successful try, increase the sequence length*/
                seed = time(NULL);
                                                /*Set seed to be the number of seconds sine Jan 1,1970*/
                now = clock();                  /*record start time for sequence*/
                                                /*Generate a sequence of numbers and display the number*/
                srand((unsigned int)seed);      /*Initialize the random sequence*/
                for(int i = 1; i <= sequence_length; i++)
                    printf("%d", rand()%10);    /*Output a random digit*/
                                                /*Wait one second*/
                for(;clock() - now < CLOCKS_PER_SEC;);
                                                /*Now ouerwrite the digit sequence*/
                printf("\r");                   /*go to beginning of the line*/
                for(int i = 1; i <= sequence_length; i++)
                printf("  ");  /*Output two spaces*/
                if(counter == 1)                /*Only output message for the first try*/
                    printf("\nNow you enter the sequence - don't forget" " the spaces\n");
                    printf("\r");               /*Back to the beginning of the line*/
                                                /*Check the input sequence of digits against the original */
                srand((unsigned int)seed);      /*Restart the random sequence*/
                for(int i = 1; i<= sequence_length; i++)
                    scanf("%d", &number);       /*Read an input number*/
                    if(number != rand()%10)     /*Compare against random digit*/
                        correct = false;        /*Incorrect entry*/
                        break;                  /*No need to check further...*/
                printf("%s\n", correct? "Correct!" : "Wrong!");
            }                                   /*Calculate total time to play the game in seconds*/
            time_taken = (clock() - time_taken)/CLOCKS_PER_SEC;
                                                /*Output the game score*/
            printf("\n\n Your score is %d", --counter*100/time_taken);
                                                /*Check if new game required*/
            printf("\nDo you want to play again(y/n)? ");
            scanf("%c", &another_game);
        }while(toupper(another_game)== 'Y');
        return 0;                               /*Returns control to the operating system*/

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