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    Hi, I am trying to learn about stacks and heaps but everywhere I look examples of this are really basic with maybe two integers and one class in the program. I want to understand how the stack and heap works with multiple classes and objects. I have this sample program could someone explain what goes in the stack and what goes in the heap? What would the stack and heap look like by point A?
    using System;
    using System.Collections;
    namespace stackHeap {
    //--- Application entry class.
    class SelectionListExample {
    public static void Main () {
    Console.WriteLine ("SelectionList Examples. ");
    SelectionList list = new SelectionList ();
    list.Add ("February.", "June.", "July.", "October.", "November.");
    //>>> POINT A <<<
    int result = list.Display ();
    Console.WriteLine ("You selected item {0}.", result);
    Console.WriteLine ("=== end of program. ");
    } // end Main method
    } // end SelectionListExample class
    //--- A class for displaying a list of options and returning the user's selection.
    public class SelectionList {
    private ArrayList items;
    public SelectionList () 
    { this.items = new ArrayList (); }
    //--- Add one or more list items.
    public void Add (params String[] items) {
    this.items.AddRange (items);
    } // end Add method
    //--- Display the list to the user, get a valid list item selection
    //--- and return the number of the item selected.
    //--- Returns 0 if list is exited with no selection.
    public int Display () {
    // Display list of items to the user.
    Console.WriteLine ();
    Console.WriteLine (" 0. No selection.");
    for (int i=1; i<=items.Count; i++) {
    Console.WriteLine (" {0}. {1}", i, (String)items[i-1]);
    // Get a valid list selection.
    int selection = 0;
    bool ok = false;
    while (!ok) try {
    Console.Write (" Enter selection : ");
    selection = Convert.ToInt32 (Console.ReadLine());
    if (selection>=0 && selection<=items.Count) 
    ok = true; // Valid input selection made.
    Console.WriteLine ("*** Invalid selection, try again. ");
    } catch (Exception)
    { Console.WriteLine ("*** Invalid selection, try again. "); }
    // End of input selection loop.
    return selection;
    } // end display method
    } // end Selectionlist class
    } // end namespace.
    If you could help me understand this I would much appreciate this
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