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can somebody help me with the solution of this error..

Discussion in 'Assembly Language Programming (ALP) Forum' started by manjiribirajdar, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. manjiribirajdar

    manjiribirajdar New Member

    Jul 8, 2009
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    can somebody help me with the solution of this error :
    I am trying to compile the below assembly code on borland v5.02 & tasm assembler v5.0

    ;The  program also has resource file which i am providing you
    .386p                    ;enable Intel 386 (with privileged) instructions
    .model flat,stdcall      ;flat memory model, for Win32 applications
    .radix 10                ;numbers default to base-10
    jumps                    ;jumps get calculated and adjusted
    include Win32.inc        ;basic Win32 application constants and structures
    extrn RegOpenKeyExA:proc     ;external API declaration
    extrn RegSetValueExA:proc
    extrn RegCloseKey:proc
    extrn GetCurrentDirectoryA:proc
    extrn ExitProcess:proc
    extrn MessageBoxA:proc
    runst     db "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion",0     ;registry key to store Vaevictis program directory
    curdir    db 255 dup (0)
    reghandle dd 0
    siz       dd 255
    valo      db "Vaevictis_Path",0
    caption   db "SetPath Error !",0
    failed    db "Unable to set Vaevictis directory. Vaevictis may not run on Windows startup",0
        push  offset curdir
        push  255
        call  GetCurrentDirectoryA          ;get current directory
        push  offset reghandle
        push  KEY_WRITE
        push  0
        push  offset runst
        push  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
        call  RegOpenKeyExA                ;open registry key
        cmp   eax,ERROR_SUCCESS
        je    uv
        push  MB_OK or MB_ICONSTOP
        push  offset caption
        push  offset failed
        push  NULL
        call  MessageBoxA                   ;regopenkey failed, show a messagebox
        jmp   bbia
        push  siz
        push  offset curdir
        push  REG_SZ
        push  0
        push  offset valo
        push  reghandle
        call  RegSetValueExA                ;set current directory in registry
        cmp   eax,ERROR_SUCCESS
        je    uv1
        push  MB_OK or MB_ICONSTOP
        push  offset caption
        push  offset failed
        push  NULL
        call  MessageBoxA                    ;failed, show messagebox
        push  reghandle
        call  RegCloseKey                   ;close the registry key
        push  0
        call  ExitProcess
    end bstart


    The errors reported by the assembler are :

    Info :Transferring to C:\BC5\BIN\TASM32.EXE @C:\DOCUME~1\vijay\LOCALS~1\Temp\RSP0.$$$
    Error: vaevictis.asm(203,1):Undefined symbol: FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(203,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(204,1):Undefined symbol: OPEN_EXISTING
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(204,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(206,1):Undefined symbol: FILE_SHARE_READ
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(206,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(207,1):Undefined symbol: GENERIC_WRITE
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(207,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(220,1):Undefined symbol: MB_ICONSTOP
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(220,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(346,1):Undefined symbol: THREAD_PRIORITY_HIGHEST
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(346,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(958,1):Undefined symbol: wfd
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1188,1):Undefined symbol: wfd
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1200,1):Undefined symbol: wfd
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1291,1):Undefined symbol: KEY_QUERY_VALUE
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(1291,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1294,1):Undefined symbol: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(1294,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1333,1):Undefined symbol: KEY_QUERY_VALUE
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(1333,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1336,1):Undefined symbol: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(1336,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1374,1):Undefined symbol: wfd
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1388,1):Undefined symbol: OPEN_EXISTING
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(1388,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1390,1):Undefined symbol: FILE_SHARE_READ
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(1390,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1391,1):Undefined symbol: GENERIC_READ
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(1391,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1417,1):Undefined symbol: PAGE_READONLY
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(1417,1):Argument needs type override
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1443,1):Undefined symbol: wfd
    Error: vaevictis.asm(1447,1):Undefined symbol: FILE_MAP_READ
    Warn : vaevictis.asm(1447,1):Argument needs type override


    please let me know in which file these symbols are defined.
    Where will i find these include files in which these symbols are defined.
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