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    Hi all, I'm a newbie in Assembly Language Program. I've tried on this program but mine cannot run at all:embarasse .... Below shows the question and I've attached my answer (tsk2.txt), hope to get the guideline and teaching from u guys...thx

    A salesperson for a used cars company is compensated using a commission system. Construct a simple commission system in Assembly Language. The commission is computed based on the selling price for the vehicle.

    Commission = commission rate X sales price

    The screen will allow the user to enter salesperson's name, joined date, the selling price of the vehicle and the cost value of the vehicle. Use a constant of 5 percents for the commission rate for those salesperson who services the company for less than or equal 5 years and 10 percents for others.

    Hope to get the answer soon, thanks to all professionals ^^

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