need Help, read object handles event,mutex,sempahore,key,file...e etc...

Discussion in 'C' started by dukamos, Feb 13, 2007.

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    i realy need a big help here, i need to read object handles, from a process i want to read them and list them in console...

    for an idea like the program from the handle.exe it list all handles from all processes or if we give a specific process it list all this object handles...

    my problem is im a newbie in c++ and i dont know where to look into, i've been in some forums already and without success...

    i've been arround arround google, but nothing i found GetHandleInformation that says:

    [in] A handle to an object whose information is to be retrieved.

    You can specify a handle to one of the following types of objects: access token, console input buffer, console screen buffer, event, file, file mapping, job, mailslot, mutex, pipe, printer, process, registry key, semaphore, serial communication device, socket, thread, or waitable timer.

    Windows NT: This parameter cannot be a handle to a console input buffer or a console screen buffer.

    but i cant find any good information about this function in google... i dont understand how can i get the information from one process about the object handles...

    pls someone could give me a help here ? thanks

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