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Help with psuedocode, please??

Discussion in 'Programming' started by holiks, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. holiks

    holiks New Member

    Oct 6, 2011
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    hello everyone, I wrote the following code but I have a hard time with psuedocode opposed to actual programming code so I'm not sure I correctky wrote this in psuedocode or not. Can someone please help me and let me know if this is actually correct psuedocode

    //Initialize Variables 
    Initialize LeadedPrice = user-defined value;
    Initialize UnleadedPrice = user-defined value;
    Initialize FedGasTaxLeadedRate = user-defined value;
    Initialize FedGasTaxUnleadedRate = user-defined value;
    Initialize GasnGoCharge = user-defined value;
    Initialize FullServiceCharge = user-defined value;
    Initialize StateSalesTax_Rate = user-defined value;
    Initialize Gallons;
    Initialize StateSalesTax;
    Initialize FedGasTax;
    Initialize GasChoice;
    Initialize GasCost;
    Initialize ServiceType;
    Initialize ExtraCharge;
    Initialize TotalCost;
    //Enables user to input the type of gas they prefer.
    Display "What type of gas would you like? Leaded or Unleaded. ";
    Input GasChoice;
    //Enables user to input the amount of gas wanted
    Display "How many gallons would you like? ";
    Input Gallons;
    //Enables user to input the type of service they want
    Display "Would you like: Gas-n-Go  or Full-Service? None. ";
    Input ServiceType;
    //Calculations of gas cost and federal gas tax for leaded
    If (GasChoice == "Leaded")
                GasCost = Gallons * LeadedPrice;
                FedGasTax = Gallons * FedGasTaxLeadedRate;
    //Calculations of gas cost and federal gas tax for unleaded
    Else if (GasChoice = "Unleaded")
                GasCost = Gallons * UnleadedPrice;
                FedGasTax = Gallons * FedGasTaxUnleadedRate;
    //Cost of extra charge for Gas n’ Go
    If (ServiceType == "Gas-n-Go")
                ExtraCharge = GasnGoCharge;
    //Cost of extra charge for Full Service
    Else if (ServiceType == "Full-Service")
                ExtraCharge = FullServiceCharge;
    //No extra charge if no extra service is wanted 
    Else if (ServiceType == "None")
                ExtraCharge = 0;
    //Calculation for State Sales Tax
    StateSalesTax = StateSalesTaxRate * (GasCost + ExtraCharge);
    //Calculation for the Total Cost to be charged to the customer
    TotalCost = GasCost + ExtraCharge + StateSales_Tax + FedGasTax;
    //Displays the breakdown of the bill
    Display "Total Gas Cost: ";
    Display GasCost;
    Display "Service Charge: ";
    Display ExtraCharge;
    Display "Federal Gas Tax: ";
    Display FedGasTax;
    Display "State Sales Tax: ";
    Display StateSalesTax;
    Display "Total Amount: ";
    Display TotalCost;
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