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Discussion in 'Database' started by sachin, Dec 18, 2014.

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    Dear experts i am getting very valuble suggestions from u all .now i got challenge infront of me. i got my college project for creating a windows application software of about student details i.e, it should be able to display his all details about from his residential address to college profile about NAME,R.NO:,HIS MARKS,ATTENDANCE etc.etc.what i need from u is we have an overview of about creating application but i don't know how to interface it with linking them from various departments of college for example to update marks list,mobile number to change the marks or number etc .how the database should be to create link between them .we are total four members of it possible to do our project complete in 50 days. plz anything i wrongly mentioned forgive me .give any information about this .i am expecting a lot from u.
    thank you friends.

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