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Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by sachin, Apr 11, 2015.

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    hi friends my name is sachin.i completed my "B.E"(E.C.E) but i am having lot of papers balance which i have to pass because i failed in them.the only reason is i don't like electronics.i like computers very much. from past 3 years i am trying 2 learn hacking but always i misguided by some,please help me how to learn hacking from programming stage to hacking a network is there any procedures,institutes,books etc. I AM READY TO SACRIFISE ALL MY PLEASURES.EVEN IF I DIE I WANT IT BE AS I FOUGHT FOR IT AND I LOST IT.BUT I JUST NEED INFORMATION FROM U WHAT U KNOW PLZ EACH AND EVERY SOLUTION WILL BE HELPFUL FOR ME IF I GOT 10 REPLY WILL COME SURE I ALSO TAKE 11 TH REPLY ALSO FROM U.PLEASE FRIENDS HELP ME......................:confused::undecided

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