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Discussion in 'Java' started by Tareeq, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Create a Java application to organize daily tasks called To Do List Organizer. User
    should be able to:
    a. Add daily tasks on the list
    b. Edit daily tasks on the list
    c. Delete tasks from the list
    d. Display the current date and time
    Not compulsory :
    e. Set completion status for each of the task
    f. Print the To Do list.

    i've got this question, nd i dont knw hw to go abt it.. now i dont want the solution..just guidelines on how to do it.

    thanking your help in advance
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    Your job is clearly laid out for you. Obviously, you need a object, 'task', which can be instantiated multiple times and placed in a list. That object should comprise a number of members: task description and date/time of generation, for example, as well as methods for dealing with the task as an individual. Completion status, as well. It is specified as optional, but it isn't much of a to-do list without it.

    As these task descriptors are generated, they are placed into a list. List manipulations such as add, delete, and edit, are commonplace.

    Let me suggest that you should choose appropriate titles for your posts. A person searching for material regarding lists or to-do lists isn't likely to search for "HELP ME", know what I mean, Vern? You might want to read the "Before you make a query" thread.
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    Link can be found at the top right corner of each page of g4ef.

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