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Discussion in 'Programming' started by cosalo, Oct 30, 2008.

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    I wanted to reach out to the savvier computer folks with a specific query. What I am interested in is a software program or a combination of several programs that could conduct data mining to determine an individual’s footprint on the internet (i.e. registered with different sites, chat room affiliations, possible interests, hobbies, employment, handles, database registrations…) – this could be used to track and or find someone.

    Would something like this possible? How would I go about assembling this? As I would be looking at numerous individuals, I would like to use a reliable software program to optimize the search efficiency.

    Essentially the only information that would be available for input in the search parameters would be the name of an individual/email address. Although I have used Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, Metasearch to search for information… it seems to me that there is so much irrelevant info found or nothing at all. Is there a way to write a program that would combine the features of these search engines so that the searches would be compatible and not redundant? I know that search parameters have to be precise, but I would only have very limited personal identifiers available!

    Thank you very much for your help and information.

    With best regads
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    Hello Mr.Lopez

    No such thing exist that i know. However a cookie stealer could provide you information on browsing habits. As fas as memberships ect,a keylogger could work for you.

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