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HELP : Getting junk Chars in C# Dll while calling function through VC++

Discussion in 'C#' started by sisrahul, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. sisrahul

    sisrahul New Member

    Feb 26, 2007
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    Hi All

    Been trying to figure out a solution to this problem since long. Would appreciate if someone can throw some light.

    I am calling a managed C# dll in VC++ code. My problem is that I'm unable to pass the bstr data from VC++ to C#. In fact, the bstr data is coming to C#, but its all junk values that looks something like this...

    瑨ç´â¼ºã„¯ãˆ¹ã„®ã ¶ã„®ã„°ã„®ãŒ°æœ¯â½·ç•°å½´ç¡¸â¹¸æ¡°p.280ã…—Ä„

    Though if I pass a data of type "int", I get the correct value in C#. The problem is with the bstr values. This is how my code is in VC++...

    unsigned char* URL ;

    I have typecasted this unsigned char* into a binary string as following

    BSTR PURL =SysAllocString((BSTR)URL.p);

    and call a function in VC++ written in C# dll as following

    pIclass1->raw_HTTP_Put_Query (&PURL ,nBufLen,&retVal );

    In C# I receive the values as following

    public int HTTP_Put_Query(ref string PURL,int nBufLen)





    Now, the problem is that the PURL parameter of type "bstr" recieves junk values in the C# dll, the nBufLen variable being of type "int" is getting correct value.

    Is there a way I can convert the bstr to string so that it doesnt return junk values?

    Would really appreciate much needed help.



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