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Help in FontDialog (visual C#)

Discussion in 'C#' started by dell224, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. dell224

    dell224 New Member

    Jun 2, 2009
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    Hi everyone.
    I'm given a project on C# to develop an advanced font dialog. Instead of the normal
    window font dialog, im suppose to customized it by adding few more function by adding a text box to allow user to type in to test the font,
    a code page to see the list of character, and the unicode subrange. Its just like integrating the window character map into the font dialog.

    I know i have 2 approach to do this.
    1. by calling up the original font dialog and start editing the form.
    2. Create a new font dialog

    Im targeting no 1 since to create a new one, i would have to link them up all together and have to find a way to get the fonts list in the computer.

    Anyway, the big problem i have with choice no. 1 is:
    1. I dunno how to call up the Fontdialog
    2. Im not sure how to expand the font size to allow more info to be display there.
    3. Lastly and i don't know how to call up the code page, unicode or even create a textbox that is linked with the "fontstyle", "font", "size" and etc.

    I just hope anyone here can advice on the approach to do or give me a link that might help. Am not that good in C# but this project
    is hand picked to me, so i have no choice. I spent the whole day trying to solve and search on google to no avail.

    Any input will be helpful.

    Thx for reading guys. :(

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