Need help to figure out what I'm doing wrong....???

Discussion in 'C#' started by SNT21409, Feb 8, 2010.

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    This is my first time using C# (and I'm not very good with Java either sadly) so I'm a bit confused :/

    I know that the part at the end - " String returnString = calculatePay(hourlyRate, hours);
    Response.Write(pay); " - is wrong, but I'm not sure what's supposed to go there.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated....and if there's anything else that's wrong please feel free to help. If I try to run it, it only gives me the error about the last part, so I don't know if anything really works. Thanks!

    <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true"  CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="_Default" %>
    <head runat="server">
        <title>Untitled Page</title>
        <form id="payrollForm" runat="server" action="Default.aspx" method="post">
        <p><strong>Please enter your hourly pay rate.</strong></p>
        <p><input type="text" name="payRate" /></p>
        <br />
        <p><strong>Please enter the number of hours worked.</strong></p>
        <p><input type="text" name="hoursWorked" /></p>
    <script runat="server">
        double hourlyRate;
        double hours;
        double pay;
        double temp_Pay;
        double OT_Payrate;
        double overTimeHours;
        double overTimePay;
        String calculatePay(double hourlyRate, double hours)
            if(hours < 0)
                return "Hours must be greater than or equal to 0!";
            else if(hours <= 40)
                pay = hours * hourlyRate;
                return "Your total pay is: " + pay;
            else if(hours > 40)
                OT_Payrate = hourlyRate * 1.5;
                overTimeHours = hours - 40;
                overTimePay = overTimeHours * OT_Payrate;
                temp_Pay = hours * hourlyRate;
                pay = temp_Pay + overTimePay;
                return "Your total pay is: " + pay;
        String returnString = calculatePay(hourlyRate, hours);

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