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    Mr. Benson has opened a company that sells cars. He has found that at the end of the day his sale representative spend hours calculating the earnings from the sales. He is planning to have a Christmas sale which from experience, usually attract a lot of customers. He is seeking to purchase a customize software for his company to keep track of the day to day business earnings to reduce the number of hours his sales representative has to work after the company close.

    Auto Sales Merchant has hired you and your team to design an algorithm for their company. The input to the system will be the customer name, price of the car and the brand of car purchase. The only brands sold by Mr. Benson are Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and Hyundai. Create an array of size 20 to store the cost price of each car sold.

    Your system needs to calculate and display the following details below:

    a. Display the cost price for each car sold. (2 marks)
    b. Use the table below to calculate the discount price. (6 marks)
    < $500,000
    $500,000 to $999,999
    $1,000,0000 to $1,500,000
    > $1,500,000

    O %

    c. Display the sale price of the car. Sale price is calculated has (3 marks)
    i. Sale price = (Cost price - discount) + GCT
    ii. Note; GCT is 17.5%.
    d. Display a bill for the customer that will contain the customer name, the type of car purchased, the price of the car (before and after tax). (3 marks)

    The company needs to keep track of the following information:

    a. The number of cars sold for the day. (2 marks)
    b. The total sales for the day before tax and discount. (2 marks)
    c. The total discount given. (2 marks)
    d. The number of cars sold according to brand. (8 marks)
    e. The total sales of each brand (before tax). (8marks)
    f. The total tax deducted for the day. (2 marks)
    g. The total sales for the day (after tax). (2 marks)

    You are required to use Modularization to implement your algorithm.
    You must use four (4) modules. (1 mark for each function/procedure call and 4 marks for the creation of each function/procedure – total 20 marks)
    a. Convert the above algorithm to flowchart. – 30 marks

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