how to hack a hotmail password $100 reward

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by innocent, Jan 6, 2008.

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    Dear all.
    If anyone of you can hack me a hotmail password I Promise to pay $100 for it.
    just give me a bit of proof and i will send you your money via western union

    i am being serious no time wasters plssss

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    Jul 12, 2004
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    Moved to the right forum for better responses.
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    Innocent,let me start by saying that hotmail,yahoo,gmail,yahoo and most of the web based email servers are very secure.This should tell you that whoever comes telling you he(she) has a miracle tool or or a hack program will be a liar.
    Don't fall for any of the scams posted here,look closely and you'll see all of them asks for "your" password. Now..... if you search around,and learn how to do fake login pages,you can retrieve the logs of whoever tried to login,either by having a .php enabled web host,or simply using an online form service that will send you the logs to your email.
    For all those who come here asking shabbir and other staff members to do it for you,well that is "not" going to happen,first because it's illegal,and second because they have stated many times they cannot do it.
    1- Fake login pages
    2- social engeneering
    3- keyloggers

    what is a fake login page?
    Go to a login page you want to create,look at the source and change the "form" settings. This will enable you to create an exact looking login page with the ability to save the logs of whoever tries to login thru them.

    Whats social engeneering? how i do that?
    Simple,just go to the login page,click on "forgot password". Write down the question and create yourself another account. Now,let's say you want to get the password of
    Ok,look at the name,he or she is a Dallas cowboys fan. Ok now let's make an aproach by email or chatting,and gain trust. You will know when to ask the answer of the secret question,if you're lucky he or she will hand you the correct answer to the secret question.

    Keyloggers? how do i use one ? Where can i find a good one that can make the job?

    Keylogger is an aplication that will record all the keystrokes on a computer. Some has advanced features such as screen captures,websites visited,keystrokes pressed ect.
    To use a keylogger,read and search the internet,plenty of information about how to use them. To find a good keylogger use google or altavista with a simple search .
    Example of search
    Keylogger + full, keylogger+crack or my favorite,go to google,and type in the search box this:

    note that unless you have access to the person's computer,you will need a keylogger that has "remote installation" feature.
    If you search for remote install keylogger,you will find plenty.

    Ok i hope i'm throwing some light in all the noobs reading this,and to the administrators,if i have violated any rule,please remove or move to apropiate section.

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