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    I've banged my head long enough...time to ask for help.

    It's been a few years since I've written any PERL scripts and most of what I used to do was basic stuff . Suddenly I find myself needing to draw charts using PERL to illustrate the various parameters of a "green" renewable-energy project my associates are working on. Recently I thoughtlessly mentioned to my group "yea... I used to do some programming years ago....". When they heard that they elected me as their resident "expert" (note to self: Keep mouth shut from now on :thinking:)

    The web host I use has the Google::Charts module available, and I'm trying to use it to no avail. I've tried the snippets that came with the module and although a couple ran w/o erroring out I never saw a chart. Anyone have any practical examples of script using Google Charts that I might snag to get a start? Once I get pointed in the right direction I think I'll be OK.

    The platform is UNIX with Apache 2.2.13 and PERL



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