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    Title Site Reliability Engineer
    Company: Google
    Location: MT. View, CA
    Job Description: engineers are expert coders with a strong understanding of algorithms and data structures. This includes code-level troubleshooting of service anomalies to safeguarding the availability of our most popular services; from monitoring and response to building new automation infrastructure to balancing the desire for change management with the need for stability.
    All team members must have strong analytical and troubleshooting skills, fluency in coding, good communication skills, and most of all enthusiasm for tackling the complex problems of scale which are uniquely Google. We tackle challenging, novel situations every day, and work with just about every other engineering and operations team at Google in the process.

    • Large-scale production software troubleshooting.
    • Ongoing capacity planning.
    • Monitor and maintain mission critical services.

    • BS in CS, MS is preferred.
    • Expertise in data structures, algorithms, and complexity analysis.
    • Fluency in one or more of: C, C++, Java.
    • Superior Analytical/Troubleshooting skills.
    • Working knowledge of Unix, preferably Linux.
    • Knowledge of Shell, PHP, Perl or Python a plus.
    • Open source experience/contribution with any linux/unix distribution a plus.
    For more info and to apply contact us at:

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