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Getting specific info from definitions depending on given variables

Discussion in 'C++' started by dkaksl, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. dkaksl

    dkaksl Guest

    I had an idea for a program that would require getting a specific word or sentence from a list, and was wondering if there was a handy way to do it the way I had in mind.

    So say I have 100 words and each word has 3 conjugations. The word and conjugation are picked by two numbers, for instance 99 and 2. 99 and 2 would give the last word and its 3rd conjugation. I thought I could do the word selection with something like



    would it be possible to define three conjugations for each word like the example above? Like

    data[0]=word0conjugation0, word0conjugation1, word0conjugation2;
    data[98]=word98conjugation0, word98conjugation1, word98conjugation2;
    data[99]=word99conjugation0, word99conjugation1, word99conjugation2;

    and then the value for x would give the word and the value for y would give the conjugation? Am I making sense? Is this possible?

    PS, no idea where to post this :S any help or pointing me in the right direction appreciated.

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