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    My project is to optimize wind turbine placement in a given area. In
    order to do this, I'm using both a wind simulation program (openWind: and the a genetic algorithm code base (Evolving

    The process should work like this:

    openWind will randomly place wind turbines in its simulated
    environment and I will copy the coordinates of these turbines into the
    evolving objects program. A wind farm of 20 turbine placements will
    constitute an individual, and perhaps 500 or 1000 individuals will
    constitute the population.

    EO will perform the mutation, crossover, and selection procedures on
    the population and output the resulting population as a list of
    coordinate pairs for each individual. I will then transfer (copy and
    paste unless the process can be easily automated) the coordinates for
    the wind turbines into openWind, which will calculate how much energy
    each wind farm can produce. Each production figure will then be transferred into
    EO as a fitness value for the corresponding wind farm. I'll repeat
    this process x amount of times unless someone finds an easy way to
    automate it.

    The aspects preventing the completion of this process are EO's ability
    to display population data and to accept fitness values rather than
    calculate them itself.

    I'm not sure how to proceed from here.

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