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Discussion in 'C++' started by hausburn, Sep 5, 2010.

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    Hello all,
    It maybe that I have thought about this and stared at it too long. I don't want the answer just the idea. I have a problem that is all functions. The first function gathers three sperate ints. Ask for the employee ID. Ask for the plan they want
    (1,2 or 3). Then their number of dependents. This is all in one function. How do I get the three ints from this function back to the main without reference variables. Then a function to gather this information together and display it. I had it written and then I looked again and it was wrong. I was soing it without some of the functions. I will look at it again later, maybe it will come to me. Fatigue has the better of me now. 12 hour of thinking and doing it wrong once has taken its toll.

    I have looked every where.

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