how to use find function with vector to find a pair of number

Discussion in 'C' started by cimon, Jul 16, 2008.

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    Hello all

    I am declaring a 2 dimensional vector like this

    vector <int> components(numodnodes);
    vector <int> coordinates(2,components(numofnodes));

    as we know find function can be used with vector to find a particular value.
    like this
    if (find (marks.begin(), marks.end(), 0) == marks.end())
    // 0 is not found in the sequence

    above marks was a one dimensional vector

    as in my defination , I have a 2 dimensional vector with number of rows =2, and number of columns = number of nodes.

    is ther any way that I can use this find function to find a pair,(like (2,4)) rather than a single number like this

    if (find (cordinates.begin(), marks.end(), (2,4)) == marks.end())
    // (2,4) is not found in the sequence

    or what is the right method, to know if both numbers 2 and 4 are present at same column. that is (2,4) pair is present or not

    Thank you

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