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Discussion in 'C' started by mvtaylor, Sep 5, 2010.

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    I'm trying to build a simple assembler and have now managed to get everything working except something rather trivial... the correct output format...

    The format must be:

    Address followed by a space followed by Operand and Opcode.

    These must be two 32 bit values (as 8 hex characters). For the Operand/Opcode the first six bits are the Operand and the final two bits are the Opcode. EG:

    00000001 0009D0A1

    To generate this I am using:
    printf ("%8.8X %6.6X%2.2X\n", printout, operand, opcode);

    Which is all fine and lovely until the operand is a negative value at which point it will promptly ignore any attempts at following the format and print out 8 characters such as:

    00000001 FFFFFFFF00

    Any idea as for how to fix this?

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