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Discussion in 'Engineering Concepts' started by roobX, Jan 12, 2008.

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    I recently broke my Macbook's LCD screen and have no intention of paying the $900 CAD to replace it. What I'd like to do is lob off the screen and just use a monitor. I have it hooked up to my monitor through the miniDVI port on the side and a VGA adapter plugged into that. But I'd like to dual screen it for more real estate. So.....
    Is there anyway to convert the ribbon cable that would normally plug into my monitor into a DVI port? Or perhaps replace the GFX section of the logicboard all together? I know there MUST be a way to do it somehow since a display is a display no matter the connection it uses. It would just need some kind of data converter or something. But as far as I know the ribbon cable is already a digital signal, and so is the DVI port so how hard would that be to mod? There's probably alot more to it and its probably not able to fit snuggly into the small space of the laptop but how involved would it be? Does anyone know?
    Just thought I'd throw this out there. Thanks for any explanation.

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