How to Fix Computer Freezes

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    A computer freezes up or stop running for many reasons. Take a few deep breaths and take in this information. These ideas will assist you when your computer freezes, assuming it is a relatively minor problem and not a major repair


    Step 1

    Save your work often. If you are on the Internet often, save your work as a draft and come back to edit it. In case you are working on a document, click the save button every so often. This is a quick fix in the event your computer freezes.

    Step 2

    Try the three finger salute by pressing Control-Alt-Delete to fix a stalled computer. This will bring up your Windows Task Manager. It will appear differently in different versions of Windows, just so you are aware. The computer will tell you which software is responding and which is not responding or freezes up continually.

    Click end task on the software or applications that are prone to freezes and are not responding.

    Step 3

    If you still cannot get Windows to respond, then simply touch Control-Alt-Delete again and shut the computer down. Or press and hold the button on the front of the computer to fix the freeze.

    Step 4

    Pull the power cord out and leave it sit for ten minutes in the event it still freezes. This allows the computer to "reset" and fix itself when it freezes. Then push the power button and start the computer normally. Open software gradually.

    Step 5

    Close applications, run only what you need to. Computer freezes happen when too many software programs running at the same time. Limit to two or three programs or Internet Windows at a time.

    Step 6

    If your computer feels hot to the touch, it could be overheating. Use a blow-off duster by the fan area (for desktops) to fix this when the computer is off. If this does not fix it, take it in for professional evaluation, as your power supply, motherboard or other hardware may be in need of repair.

    Step 7

    If the computer only freezes on a certain website, try not to visit that website or use a different browser. If a web browser continually freezes, try to uninstall and reinstall it. Alternatively, try to use another web browser that is has more speed and quality.

    Step 8

    Check for viruses or spyware. These can cause an abundance of computer freezes. Run a spyware and antivirus check to fix this, and make sure security software is properly installed and updated on the computer at all times. See the resources section if you need additional help with this.

    Step 9

    Your Internet connection could also be locking you up. Call the Internet Service provider technical support line for assistance. It may be an outside problem with the phone line or cable going into your home or office.


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