Financial Analyst Jobs with Salary R200,000 – R300,000 per year

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    I would like to describe some facts about financial assistant. We will see a boom for this job in the coming days. This job provide guidance to businesses and individuals making investment decisions. This job can be divided in two categories one is buy side analyst and second is sell side analyst. The buy side financial analysts devise investment strategies. The Analysts on the buy side work for companies that have a great deal of money to invest. These companies are called independent money managers, insurance companies, hedge funds and non profit organizations with large endowments. Sell side analysts help securities dealers, such as bonds, banks and other investment. South Africa provide many jobs for financial analyst and provides R200,000 - R300,000 Per Year salary for experienced person.

    Following are the responsibilities for this job:
    =>Prepare and review marketing expense summaries.
    =>Organize, maintain and manage all financial data.
    =>Provide assistance in preparation of annual budget and strategic plans.
    =>Prepare monthly or periodical financial reports, statements and operating reviews
    If you have more information about this job then discuss it here.

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