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Examkiller oracle 1z0-640 Questions and Answers

Discussion in 'Oracle' started by gemxia, Oct 18, 2010.

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    Recommended Training about Examkiller 1z0-640 exam PDF
    The following courses are the recommended training for 1z0-640 exam PDF.
    Exam Name: Siebel 7.7 Analytics Data Warehouse Developer Professional Core Exam
    Exam Type Oracle
    Exam Code: 1Z0-640
    Total Questions: 99

    Question: 1
    What are some of the data-related challenges that create difficulties in making business decisions? Choose three.
    A. Too much irrelevant data for the job role
    B. A static reporting tool
    C. A business analytics tool that is too easy to master
    D. A reporting tool that allows the users to initiate their own query
    E. Ever increasing data volume
    Answer: A, B, E
    Question: 2
    S_ASSET is a primary table and S_ASSET_WRNTY is a child table of S_ASSET. An auxiliary change capture process would consider rows from S_ASSET table changed
    when__ ___ ______.
    A. rows in the S_ASSET table are actually changed
    B. related rows in the S_ASSET WRTY table are changed
    C. a script sends a text message indicating that the S_ASSET table should be changed
    D. the S_ASSET_WRTY table is flagged for changes
    Answer: B
    Question: 3
    What type of index improves query performance because both index and data segments are retrieved in one read?
    A. Clustered index
    B. B-Tree index C. Bitmap index D. JPEG index
    Answer: A
    Question: 4
    Which of the following are the most important reasons why you would run Exception Reports?
    Choose two.
    A. To increase ETL performance
    B. To improve ETL mapping accuracy
    C. To avoid running too many incremental ETL runs
    D. To check the data integrity of the Siebel transactional database
    E. To skip unnecessary DAC task phases
    Answer: A, D
    Question: 5
    What are the advantages of using a data warehouse to analyze data for business intelligence? Choose two.
    A. Data in a data warehouse is normalized
    B. There are fewer joins between data warehouse tables
    C. A data warehouse can bring data from multiple sources
    D. A data warehouse is best suited for entering, modifying, and deleting transactional data

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