Error passing a value_type as a reference

Discussion in 'C++' started by a_new_beginning, Aug 16, 2008.

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    The code I have posted below compiles and runs fine, but the problem is the value_type passed into the parameter of the map_insert function must be copied.
    I'm having difficulty passing it by reference. I have tried using the following:

    "string_svector_map::reference vecPair_in"
    and also
    "string_svector_map::value_type &vecPair_in",

    Both result in a compile-time error. I am confused why these do not work.
    Can anyone alter this so that the value_type can be passed by reference?
    using namespace std;
    typedef map<string, vector<pair<string, string> > > string_svector_map;
    string_svector_map::const_iterator map_insert(string_svector_map &map_in, string_svector_map::value_type vecPair_in){ 	
    	pair<string_svector_map::const_iterator, bool> insert_result (map_in.insert(vecPair_in));
    	bool &inserted (insert_result.second);
    		throw runtime_error("Error inserting a pair into the map_in map....exiting program");
    		return insert_result.first;
    int main(){
    	string s1 ("Hello"),
    				 s2 ("World!"),
    				 s3 ("help!");
    	string_svector_map the_map;
    	vector<pair<string, string> > the_vec;
    	the_vec.push_back(make_pair (s1, s2));
    	string_svector_map::const_iterator insert_result = map_insert(the_map, string_svector_map::value_type(s3, the_vec)); 
    	return 0;

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