New Drama TV Show 'EDGAR FLOATS' Now Casting Pilot

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    "Edgar Floats", a new crime-drama TV show, is now casting principle roles for its pilot episode which films this April.

    This series will be about a police psychologist who becomes a bounty hunter with his ex-wife.

    "Edgar Floats" will be written by Rand Ravich and directed by Jace Alexander. The program will premiere in Fall 2010.

    The show is being produced by Rand Ravich and Far Shariat for Ravich-Shariat Productions.

    Send emails to by March 12th for more info.



    "Penny", any ethnicity, 18 - Mid 20s. Penny is an attractive and punkish young woman who is a former associate of the fugitive drug seller Darren Gibbs. Mason meets her while she is skating at the Roller Derby Rink. Penny is standoffish and guarded when Mason questions her about Darren. Penny has an element of mystery surrounding her.

    "Sandra", Caucasian, Late 20s - 30s. Sandra is a tough Fugitive Recovery Agent who carries a 9mm handgun on her. She is a proud bounty hunter and makes her career the focus of her life. Her father Christopher owns and operates "Breakey Bail Bonds" which she works for. Sandra was once married to Edgar Floats but has been single for several years. When Edgar approaches her about working for her father's company, Sandra is understandably reluctant at first. There is clearly a lot of leftover emotion brewing between her and Edgar.

    "Jennifer", any ethnicity, Mid 20s - 30s. Jennifer is a pretty but emotionally-depressed woman who has dealt with hardship in her life. She works as a waitress at a coffee shop restaurant in the Mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles. She knows Edgar as one of the regulars at the restaurant. Jennifer is a very good listener when she talks with Edgar as she pours coffee for him.

    "Dana", any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Dana is a troubled cop who is seeking therapy after a traumatic event in which she killed someone while in the line of duty. She has lost her voice and is trying to sort through the repurcussions of the event.

    "Mrs. Kraus", Caucasian or African-American, 40s - 50s. Mrs. Kraus is a professional and polite middle-aged woman who runs a psychology practice in Los Angeles. Edgar Floats meets with her because he is considering leaving the police department. She explains that most of her patients are from the suburbs and that Edgar might have trouble relating to them. She gently discourages Edgar from joining her practice.


    "James Benton", any ethnicity, 18 - Mid 20s. James is a scruffy, nervous, and tough guy who lives by himself in a rough part of San Pedro. He is also a resourceful criminal fugitive who is on the run from the police. When a pizza delivery man knocks on his door late at night, James cautiously opens the door to tell him to go away. But it turns out that this pizza delivery man is actually a Fugitive Recovery Agent in disguise who has come to get him.

    "Darren Gibbs", Caucasian, 20s. Darren is a mentally-unstable and jittery young man who is addicted to crystal meth. His father Bob is also a wealthy professional criminal. Darren is confronted by Edgar Floats in a park about a drug deal, and Darren gets into a fight with Edgar and runs away. Edgar tries to chase after him but is not able to catch up.

    "Jesus", Latino, 20s - 30s. Jesus is a tough and focused Fugitive Recovery Agent who works for Breakey Bail Bonds. He is very brave about going after fugitives and is not afraid to get hurt. When he is trying to arrest a fugitive named Jenkins, he gets stabbed by the man's wife. But Jesus still remains professional on the job even with his wound.

    "Timmy", any ethnicity, 20s. Timmy is a casual meth user and a good friend of Darren Gibbs. When Darren goes on the run, Edgar questions Timmy about his whereabouts. Timmy is nervous but does not give up very much information.

    "Mason", any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Mason is a brash but dedicated Fugitive Recovery Agent who also works for Breakey Bail Bonds. He works alongside his trusted partner Jesus to track down criminals. Mason has clearly been around the block in life. There is almost nothing that will upset him or cause him to lose his cool on the job. He has a "Dirty Harry"-style personality----calm and collected under pressure but always ready to fight back.

    "Eugene Tunick", any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Eugene is a colleague of Edgar's at the LAPD Psychological Services unit. He is a very inquisitive psychologist and has a lot in common with Edgar. When Edgar tells him that he is considering moonlighting as a bounty hunter, Eugene questions the wisdom of the decision. Eugene is very rational and tends to overanalyze his own feelings.

    "Bob Martin", Caucasian, 40s. Bob Martin is a wealthy and intimidating criminal boss who is on the run from the police. He drives a BMW and takes Edgar hostage in his car while he is being chased. Bob's son is a meth addict and also a criminal drug dealer. Despite the criminal life that he leads, Bob is genuinely concerned about the well-being of his son.

    "Lenny Chaskes", any ethnicity, 40s. Lenny is a longtime employee of the Los Angeles Police Department, and he oversees the LAPD Psychological Services Unit where Edgar Floats has worked for many years. Lenny is a self-disciplined, somewhat bland bureaucrat who makes sure that Edgar is doing his job properly.

    "Christopher Breakey", Caucasian, 50s - 60s. Christopher is an experienced and successful bail bondsman who has started his own business called "Breakey Bail Bonds". His daughter Sandra was once married to Edgar Floats. Mr. Breakey has deer heads hanging up on his walls and photos of himself arresting fugitives. When his former son-in-law Edgar comes asking for a job at the company, Christopher decides to bring him onboard.

    Please send photos and resumes by March 12th to for more information!

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