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Drama Movie 'LARRY CROWNE' Now Casting Major Roles

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by geoffsteinberg, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Mar 25, 2010
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    "Larry Crowne", a major upcoming feature film, is now casting several principle roles for production which begins in April.

    This drama movie will be about a middle-aged guy who is downsized from his job and goes back to college to learn new skills. He forms unexpected friendships with the students in his class and a romantic relationship with his teacher.

    "Larry Crowne" was written by Nia Vardalos.

    The movie is being produced by Philippe Rousselet and Gary Goetzman for Playtone Productions and Vendome Pictures.

    Send emails to FeatureCast@gmail.com by March 30th for more info.



    "Talia", any ethnicity, 18 - Mid 20s. Talia is a smart, spontaneous, adventurous, and talented young woman who is enrolled in a college communications course taught by Mercedes Tainot. While Talia is very serious about her schoolwork, she is equally concerned with clothing fashions and boys. She is quite pretty and loves to get attention from the guys. But despite her flirty side, Talia is also a loyal girlfriend to Dell Gordo. PRINCIPLE ROLE

    "Calimeris", any ethnicity, 18 - Mid 20s. Calimeris is a pretty, outgoing, and perky young woman who is also enrolled in Ms. Tainot's communications class. Calimeris was once a cheerleader back in high school. She is constantly getting asked out by the other guys in the class. She is naturally extroverted and has no problem performing in front of groups of people. Calimeris seems to do well without much effort in the class. PRINCIPLE ROLE

    "Celestina" (aka Lala), any ethnicity, Late 20s - 40s. Celestina is a soft-spoken and shy woman who is also enrolled in the communications class with Larry crowne. She is married and has two kids. While she clearly has a high level of intelligence, Celestina has an extreme fear of giving speeches in front of large groups of strangers. She is significantly older than most of her fellow students and feels out of place being back in college. But Celestina proves to be one of the best students in the whole class. PRINCIPLE ROLE

    "Chandra", African-American, 20s - 30s. Chandra is a motivated and over-worked mother from an urban neighborhood. She is a caring and devoted mom of three young kids. Her parents are named Lamarr and Patience. Chandra loves her parents very much but she is determined to do better for herself in the future.

    "Ms. Alvarez", Latina, 20s - 30s. Ms. Alvarez is a competent and personable co-manager of a Unimart store. She is good at dealing with the employees beneath her and great at making them feel motivated. Everyone who works with her at Unimart looks up to her and enjoys being in her prescence. Ms. Alvarez also happens to be pregnant and on the verge of giving birth any week.


    "Stan", any ethnicity, 18 - Mid 20s. Stan is a highly intelligent, inventive, and fun-loving guy who has a special talent for repairing and building engines. He is close friends with Dell Gordo and Dell's girlfriend Talia. Stan is respected by his friends and fellow students, who are in awe of his technical abilities. While he may come across as a typical geek at first, Stan is clearly someone who knows how to relax and have fun. PRINCIPLE ROLE

    "Dell Gordo", any ethnicity, 18 - Mid 20s. Dell is a focused and tough guy who enjoys the sport of bodybuilding. He is determined to win every bodybuilding tournament that he participates in and beat out all his competition. But while he has an athlete's fierceness, Dell also has a friendly and cooperative side to his persona when he is not lifting weights. He is very caring toward his girlfriend Talia, and he is a loyal friend to several of his classmates.

    "Mack", African-American, 18 - Mid 20s. Mack is a veteran of the Iraq War who is now enrolled in the same communications class as Larry Crowne. Mack has a frightening intensity left over from his experiences on the battlefront. He seems to be having trouble readjusting to civilian life after being in the military. Mack slowly becomes more comfortable, and eventually exposes a secret side of himself----he is a devoted "Star Trek" fan. PRINCIPLE ROLE

    "Andrews", any ethnicity, 30s - 40s. Andrews is a temperamental and stern manager of a retail store similar to a Walmart called "Unimart". He has been working at the store for several years and clearly does not enjoy his job. Andrews is very impatient and callous when dealing with his employees. He tends to treat his employees with a detached and bureaucratic manner. PRINCIPLE ROLE

    "Cubby", any ethnicity, 40s - 50s. Cubby is a humble and hard-working custodian at a large Unimart store. He is slender and not particularly muscular. He has been working for Unimart for several years and is a loyal employee who does whatever his bosses tell him to. He later gets assigned to work as a security guard at the store.

    "Unimart Trainee", any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. He is a fresh-faced and enthusiastic new employee at Unimart who is being shown his way around the store by Larry Crowne. This trainee is very motivated to do well at his new job and demonstrate his loyalty to the store.

    Please send photos and resumes by March 30th to FeatureCast@gmail.com for more information!


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