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Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by tennsoccerdr, Nov 3, 2010.

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    This is a little tut about how to obtain flash games from websites for use without the internet. Tools Needed: Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Flash (Standalone)

    Ok, this will be most helpful for when you want to play your favorite internet flash games without an internet connection. As I said you will need to download Firefox and power it up. Navigate to your favorite games site. For instance I found that work well. click on your game of choice and let it load. When loaded right-click in the empty space to side of the game and click on View Page Info. Go the the Media tab at the top and scroll down the list to find the Embedded files. Find the one with the .swf attachment on it (it usually involves the game title in the file name). Click on it and click save. Now is when you need the Standalone Flash. What I mean be stand alone is the actual file folder on you hard-drive not just the add-in. Should be named something like Adobe Flash CS3. Now, right-click the .swf file and select open with the the Flash PLAYER. It should be a gray circle with an italicized lower-case f. Viola! You have a game that you can play at anytime without the Internet!

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    This cannot be an article buddy but anyways its a cool way to download games but there is a simpler way as well.

    Just save the web page on your PC (File > Save As) and the swf file will be saved in the folder along with the web page and you can use that. This works mainly in IE.

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