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Discussion in 'MFC' started by Interesttolearn, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I'm new to MDI application in MFC.Now I would like create an application, in which I added one menu button(i.e. next to File Edit View) in that menu button I have given one option. whenever I choose that option in newly created menu button I should get one dialog with controls.Up to now It is working properly (i.e. i'm getting dialog when i choose that option).

    Now the problem is,I want one button inside the dialog must and other controls whatever controls it may be,and whenever I press that button the controls in the dialog should disappear and new controls should appear (ex: when we start the new application in mfc we will get one dialog when we press the new button in file menu,after choosing the appropriate we press the next button then new options will come, now we press next button after choosing appropriate then new options will come ............) like that I want to know how we can mask or how we can get new controls when i press next button.

    Is it done by the new dialog when we press next button or is there any logic behind.

    Can any one give me the answer plzzzzzz
    If u not understood the question properly plz let me know.........
    Thanks in advance.

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