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    looking for a full-time gig?

    If you know anyone who might be interested in a Senior Contact Center Engineer, a Senior E-Commerce/Web Developer in Burnsville, MN or a variety of other positions, please forward this to them. (More info at > View Open Positions)

    If you know someone that is serious about finding the RIGHT job, and if you think they are qualified for any of these positions here’s what they need to know about working with us.

    First, the bad news…

    • Our application process is time consuming. The good news is that people who are not serious will not complete it. If you are qualified and if you spend time on your application, you automatically stand apart from everyone else.

    • There is no way to automate the application process. That means your resume won’t get buried under hundreds of unqualified applications.

    • Our interview process is difficult. uses a competency based interviewing model to filter-out unqualified applicants.

    Now, the good news…

    • If you complete this application and if you fit most of the criteria, we will help you interview. We will provide you with a corporate profile, key information about the hiring manager, links to the employer’s blog/news and a complete background on the organization.

    • Our candidate representation process includes a guaranteed level of customer service; you can read our SLA on our site. (More info at > Docs > Job Seeker SLA)

    • We promise to tell you NO fast. If the client isn’t interested in your skills, we call you and tell you why. We guarantee job seekers a call back within 24 business hours.

    Please take a look and feel free to let me know what you think. By the way, you can follow us on twitter at “ihaterecruiters”

    Peace, Ulev

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