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Discussion in 'C#' started by anshuman singh, Jan 17, 2009.

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    i have to make an encapsulated User Login module as a dll in c# which will be used in main application. in which say an object is created as
    usermodule userx=new usermodule();
    // then login function will be called which will prompt a standard Ui for login and will be
    // closed if login successful and will return true if login is fails after a 3 tries UI will
    //automatically get closed returning false value
    // like wise other functions like userx.changepwd(), will prompt an UI for login and will
    //return true or false accordingly
    the main thing is that all function to be called from main application will not have any parameters example
    Boolean Login(),etc;
    also one thing that i got is confusing me
    i had i conversation via mail to the programer company
    and he gave me this and added more to my confusion
    here it is
    It should have with UI. It can be application based (prefer .net 2.0 or above) or web based. Note that the system will be in .net 3.5 windows application (not likely to be WPF).
    The idea for this module is to totally isolate it from other modules. Please take note on what happen when PC is disconnected or power cut off, how can the module know user is re-login and not multiple login.
    Can you give me some hint what should i do and how i should start with my project
    my problem is how dll can be used for prompting a UI.
    like usermodule.login() will prompt a UI for login
    uermodule.changepassword() will prompt a for chaning password
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    Moved to C# forum for better responses.

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