Dll issue while launching the application

Discussion in 'C' started by vikuseth, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Aug 14, 2012
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    I am using one dll in my application for including the functionality provided by that dll . This dll i am getting after installing one msi . But in my application i have a requirement like if the user has not installed that msi then we have to show one warning message(e.g msi has not installed , code for this i have implemented in the main() of my application ) and have to exit from the application .

    But the problem is if the user has not installed the msi , then while launching the application itself its showing one error message since its not able to get the dll and this time control not even coming to my main() where i have written the code for this msi checking (through registry entry).

    Is there any efficient way to resolve this issue ..

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