display all uppercase letters from A-Z and their ASCII value in binary beside them...

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    i'm doing this code but it only print one letter and it's letter A together with the binary value of letter A, i hope you could help me correct my code,,really need this,please help me... thanks... hoping for immediate reply... i'm using TASM x8086...
    .model small
    .stack 100h
        nextLine db 10, 13, '$ '
    mov ax, @data
    mov ds, ax
    mov es, ax
    mov al, 'A'
    mov ch, 1
    cmp ch, 27
    je ulit2
    mov ah, 2
    mov dl, al
    int 21h
    inc al
    inc ch
    jmp ulit
    XOR BX, BX                   ; clear BX
    MOV BL, AL                   ; move AL to BL
    XOR BH, BH                   ; clear BH
    MOV CX, 8                    ; initialize loop counter
    MOV AH, 2                    ; set output function
    @OUTPUT:                     ; jump label
    SHL BL, 1                  ; shift left BX by 1 bit
    JNC @ZERO                  ; jump to label @ZERO if CF=0
    INC BH                     ; increment BH
    MOV DL, 31H                ; set DL=1
    JMP @DISPLAY           ; jump to label @DISPLAY
    @ZERO:                     ; jump label
    MOV DL, 30H              ; set DL=0
    @DISPLAY:                  ; jump label
    INT 21H                  ; display digit
    LOOP @OUTPUT                ; jump to label @OUTPUT
    OR BH, 30H                   ; convert the decimal to ascii code
    MOV AH, 2                    ; print the contents of BH
    MOV DL, BH
    mov ah, 4ch
    int 21h
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