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    ok well i'm having issues sending a char array to a listbox. To do a little explanation on the code itself... The point of this part is to take a hexidecimal string and convert it to a alphabetical string (this part works and has been tested in a console application). I then have a vShowText function that i used to add items into my listbox. It has worked thus far and i have even added char arrays to the listbox using it. In this particular case i can't seem to make the char array show up into the listbox, it just inserts a line of D like characters. This is sorta difficult to explain so i hope i'm doing a good enough job of it. I will post code to help explain more below.

    here is my vShowText function that is being used to insert text into the listbox.
     void vShowText(HWND        hChildHandle, char *szText)
            int Line;
            // add string to the listbox
            // determine number of items in listbox
            Line = SendMessage(hChildHandle,LB_GETCOUNT,0,0);
            // flag last item as the selected item, to scroll listbox down
            // unflag all items to eliminate negative highlite
    below is where my problem is. This is the actual code to change the hex string into a alphabetical one. When the loop is done going through the hex string, ptrBuffer is reset to point to the first element in the char buffer[100] array. Then vShowText is called to display the contents of the buffer array into the listbox. I have also tried to just do vShowText(hlistbox, buffer). Both of these methods does the same thing and inserts a line of D like characters into the listbox... so it looks something like this DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Only they aren't actual D's.

    also i am able to just make a char array and then later call vShowText with the array as a parameter and it displays in the listbox fine. Example is below.
    //create a char array
    char myArray[100] = "Hello World!";
    //later in the program
    vShowText(hlistbox, myArray);
    the actual code snipplet:
     case MENU_FILE_TRANS:
            char *ptrBuffer = &buffer[0];
            for (int i = 0; i < RecvBytes; i+=2)
                    int firstvalue = RecvData[i] - '0';
                    int secondvalue;
                    //if RecvData[i+1] is a letter convert it to integer, otherwise use it.
                            case 'A':
                                    secondvalue = 10;
                            case 'B':
                                    secondvalue = 11;
                            case 'C':
                                    secondvalue = 12;
                            case 'D':
                                    secondvalue = 13;
                            case 'E':
                                    secondvalue = 14;
                            case 'F':
                                    secondvalue = 15;
                                    secondvalue = RecvData[i+1] - '0';
                    //convert the two values into decimal form
                    newval =  16 * firstvalue + secondvalue;
                    //change newval into a character
                    *ptrBuffer = char(newval);
                    //vShowText(hlistbox, ptrBuffer);
            ptrBuffer = &buffer[0];
            vShowText(hlistbox, ptrBuffer);

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