DevWeek India 2008- No Marketing Bushwah, Only Real Information

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    When was the last time you attended a conference or an event where technology used in our day-to-day work was given the first priority? Well, if your answer is ‘Not in Recent Times’ then DevWeek India 2008 is the right place for you to gather cutting-edge information on technology that is needed for you daily work. Revolution

    After organizing successful conferences like JAX India 2007, JAX India 2008 and SOA India 2007, S&S Media (India) has taken charge of yet another comprehensive in-depth event on Java, ASP.NET and Dynamic Languages, better known as DevWeek India 2008.

    The panel of speakers at DevWeek India 2008, which includes Neal Ford, Ted Neward and Michael Li, take you through a broad range of half-day and full-day tutorial specially designed for your needs giving you the unique opportunity to delve into several technologies such as AJAX, .NET, Ruby and Rails, Agile, SQL Server and more. These vendor-neutral speakers make sure that there is no marketing bushwah but only real and relevant information.

    DevWeek India 2008 gives you a rare chance to meet your peers in a productive and social environment and get passionate about Software programming. By the end of DevWeek India 2008, you will learn how to increase your productivity dramatically and save cost, and how to enhance the quality of your software applications.

    DevWeek India 2008 is scheduled to get underway on the 25th of August till the 28th of August 2008 at NIMHANS Auditorium, Bangalore, India.

    Who should attend an event like this?
    Well, software developing is all about passion and we at S&S Media (India) offer you the passion for developing back! Starting from developers to software architects, project managers, project leaders, software testers, database administrators and web developers, everyone has something to learn from DevWeek India 2008.

    With so much to offer in DevWeek India 2008, you surely can’t ask for more!
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