Derived class variable initialisation.

Discussion in 'C' started by Dench, Nov 13, 2009.

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    I have code with the following layout:

    class Table
            // variables for all subclasses
            Table(int sizeOfTable);
    Table::Table(int capacity)
      sizeOfTable = capacity
      // initialise other variables
    class roundTable: public Table
           roundTable(int capacity) : Table (capacity){}
           //declare subclass variables
    Now, the problem I have is that I have a number of variables that need initialising(in a function) for each subclass, and I want this function to only be called once, as the subclass is constructed.
    I have found out (the hard way) that I cannot simply put a virtual function in the constructor for 'Table'.
    However, I cannot seem to find any alternative to this, I have looked at passing values up from the derived class but this doesn't seem to fit my problem at all.
    Is there an easy way around this or am I looking at this problem the completely wrong way?
    I can easily create an initialisation function in the subclass and call it in the main method, but I'm hoping there is a way to do it as I have described above.
    Any help is much appreciated.

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