How to deploy jsp project on tomcat server

Discussion in 'JSP' started by guravharsha, Jun 10, 2008.

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    Dear sir.
    My queries is:
    i have project folder contain directory like sect-1' section-2,and particular directory contain relative jsp pages, how can i deploy all jsp pages at time so that my hole project will be compiled?
    project folder structure is like as:
    project folder\index.jsp,home.jsp,validuser.jsp
    project folder\section-1\one.jsp,two.jsp,three.jsp
    project folder\section-2\one.jsp,two.jsp,three.jsp
    project folder\WEB-INF\CLASSES\,
    each subdirectory(section-1,2,3...) contain CVS folder containing file named entries,root,repository.
    Without using netbeans can I run this total project by copying all jsp file in webapps. Directory in Tomcat server.
    2. How to configure My sql database with tomcat server (i.e setting required server.xml file in Tomcat or like)
    Sir, My aim to develop Development environment where this project will run successfully and then I can make necessary enhancement in that project.
    Any alternative solution are greatly appreciated.
    Awaiting your precious comments/suggestions/clarifications
    Thanks And Regards

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