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Discussion in 'Engineering Concepts' started by thebeastreturns, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Well, this whole thing originally started with me trying to get a rar file that was pw protected open.. Long story short, i found another copy that was not protected, but the process here really frustrated me, and I feel that i should really have a better understanding as to how this works.


    Decrypt Method
    Hex > Reverse String > ROT-13 > FERON-74 > BASE-64 > ATOM-128

    That was all the info given. Now i found the page, which has everything but the ROT method, but I'm totally lost as to where I went wrong/didn't start right in the first place.

    My assumption is to take the string, and decrypt it down the line, starting with hex. This has gotten me nowhere. ANy advice? Not looking for the answer, I actually want to know how to do this or why I'm getting it wrong..


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