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Data structures for JOB HUNT

Discussion in 'C++' started by Avinash5782, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. Avinash5782

    Avinash5782 New Member

    Feb 6, 2012
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    Hi All ,

    I need a solution for the given problem .. Can any one help me..

    A job consulting firm recruits applicants to various job positions in different companies based on the percentage of marks scored by the applicants and the positions to which they apply.

    You have to develop a program to process a file containing the job requirements data and applicants data and place the applicants in various companies.
    Input Format
    The input contains;
    1. Number of companies, Number of job positions, b
    2. For each position in a company,
    a. Company number
    b. Position no
    c. Minimum cutoff for the position
    3. Number of Applicants
    4. For each applicant
    a. Name (Word without spaces)
    b. %marks

    • The applicants need not be considered if the minimum cutoff for the applied job position is not met (equal to cutoff percentage means eligible for selection)
    • There would be a max of 1000 companies, and 100 positions in each company.
    • Max number of applicants is 100000.
    • Placements should be done in such was as to maximize the number of placements. If there are multiple such placements, you can output any one of them.
    • If there are multiple candidates who qualify for a position, the candidate with higest marks should be choosen.
    • If there is a contention between 2 candidates with the same marks for a position, the candidate whose name comes first in the input has to be placed.
    • If there is a contention between 2 positions, the position which appears first has to be filled first.


    Sample Input
    2 4
    1 1 80
    1 2 70
    2 1 70
    2 2 80
    SHARAT 90
    BIJU 75
    SUMA 75
    BABU 72
    TANAY 72
    Sample Output
    Company 1 Position 1 : SHARAT
    Company 1 Position 2 : BIJU
    Company 2 Position 1 : SUMA
    Company 2 Position 2 : Not filled
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    Dec 2, 2008
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