C++ Library Compilation Questions.

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    I wish to assemble a library set. The following listed domains all need to be 64 bit native, and have versions for .rpm Linux 64 bit and Windows 64 bit. They need to be compatible with one another, reified, as applicable. They should be financially free, or nearby, for commercial application use. They must be completed. They should be documented in English. It can also be the case that one library can be a "meta-library", and can encompass more than one of these domains:

    1) I aim to use the TDM Compiler for Windows or Linux, and am prepared to consider g++ for Linux. This problem is solved.

    2) An audio lib. Capable of loading, playing, pausing, repeating, maybe fast forward or rewinding to a point in an audio file. Multi audio file format support, mp3 included. What is recommended?

    3) A 2D Graphical User Interface library. Widgets, layout, and event support with 2D Graphics drawing and display support for major image file formats, likely with the ability to play major video file formats. Am considering wxwidgets for now. Is there anything better, in compatability terms?

    4) A Graphing API, compatible with the 2D GUI library. For 2D or 3D style graphs and data plots to a 2D GUI, or a file. I am considering GNU Plot. What would be best?

    5) An advanced 3D Graphical User Interface library, that includes Special Effects and other useful advanced options. Needs to be comptaible with the 2D GUI library. What would be ideal?

    6) A Network or Internet library, that allows for Client/Server or Peer/Peer communciation through an ethernet network, the intenet, or both, in secure, non-plain text fashion, an in a directly same or cross OS platform manner. What could I choose?

    7) Binary executable protection of code and resourse files for the full application. This may involve payment in the end. What is recommended, for Windows and Linux?

    8) C++ Threaded CGI Webserver addon, like FastCGI. For the Apache Webserver. So that web page sessions can each communicate with (web)server software, and vice versa. Similar to .asp or .jsp, but for C++. Hopefully, in a 1 thread/connection manner. Is there anything better, or faster, than FastCGI, in C++?

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