C++ / DirectX / OpenGL Game and Graphics Guru – fast growing VC backed startup

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    Remember playing with Erector Sets and LEGOs as a kid? Thousands of ROBLOX players aged 7-18 are building fantastic creations online right now. But unlike bricks of old, when these kids are finished constructing their levels, they can invite hundreds of other people to come play in them.

    ROBLOX users have created a stunning assortment of games. There’s your basic cops-and-robbers style romps though brick cities, but there are also flight simulators, soccer matches, RPGs (both dice rolling and shoulder mounted), racing games, demolition derbies, paintball capture the flag, castle stormings – the list goes on. In fact, a new ROBLOX place is uploaded every 10 seconds. There are quite literally more games on ROBLOX than you could ever play.

    For more fun, go to YouTube and search “ROBLOX”.

    We are looking for someone who lives and breathes high quality game and graphics code. Ideally, you wrote your first PacMan knockoff when you were in middle school. We prefer to hire generalists – this position will involve interaction with graphics, user interface, networking, installer, physics, sound, scripting and build system code. The perfect candidate will see our product and have a personal vision of how they can contribute to its future.

    This is your chance to join a professionally funded startup in a rapidly growing and fantastically fun market segment.

    * BS or MS in CS or equivalent education or experience
    * 3+ years experience C++ and DirectX/OpenGL in a production environment
    * Proven C++ skills, including STL and boost.
    * A proven history of achievement – creative, intellectual, academic, and/or professional
    * Passion for games, toys, and/or consumer products
    * Demo examples of your past work
    * Experience with shaders

    * We are a startup company in Redwood City
    * We are funded by a leading venture capital firm and professional angel investors
    * Our environment is dynamic – we release a new build every two weeks
    * We are passionate about quality in everything we do
    * We offer competitive benefits and stock options

    Please send resumes to jobs@roblox.com and include the job code 01-ge in the subject line.

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