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Discussion in 'C' started by liverpoolrock, Dec 31, 2006.

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    IM currently doing my coursework and am very stuck. It is on C programming and the basic idea it

    to sort a sequence of non negative integers into ascending order. But u are meant 2 do this by

    finding the small integer using a 2d array to proccess binary representations of the integers.

    We are told the algorithm to use and have to create it. Basically it says 1st convert each

    integer into its equivalent binary representation. i have done this part. the nxt part is where

    i get stuck. it says makes a single pass of all the binary representations through a

    2dimensional array. also i have to use threads for this as well. then for the last part I just

    have to convert the binary representations back into its equivelanet integers.

    Also for the 2nd part I am given some diagrams which shows how the binary numbers would b passed

    thru the arrays. I would really appreciate if some1 could give me a hand on how to get started

    with that part cause the threads really confuse me.

    thanks a lot.
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    The first thing you should realize is that integers are stored as binary representations. So is everything else in your machine. If you have been instructed to convert them into a textual representation that "looks" like a binary number, then that's a cow with different spots, and an unnecessary difficulty.

    The second thing is that I'm sorry you're on a 9600 baud modem for your internet access. I can't think of any other good reason for indulging in AOL/1337 lazy-speak/spelling in a forum where communication, syntax, and semantics are extremely important.

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