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Discussion in 'Web Development' started by SnoringFrog, Jun 7, 2009.

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    I've been copying/pasting this alot of different places, so forgive me if it's somewhat off-topic at points or if I mention "since I'm on [wrong site] now", because I might forget to change it, lol.

    I just finished my junior year in high school, and I'm beginning to look at colleges. Right now my desired area of focus is split between two areas computers and sound/video recording/editing. Obviously, at this board my questions are about the former.

    At this point, I've primarily only dealt with web development (and minor web design, but I'm not very naturally artistically inclined, I have considered attempting to develop that skill though). HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and I dabbled in XML, ASP, and VBScript all very briefly. Outside of that, I've done a bit of batch file programming (just simple stuff for the most part) and I began playing with Pascal and Python but never found the time to get very far into either.

    Also, I think computer security seems interesting, but I have no clue what to look into at colleges for that. Offensive or defensive, doesn't matter to me.

    I'd like to major in web development, but I haven't found many colleges that offer that as a major. Are there other similar majors I should consider instead of this?

    Does anyone know of any colleges with good web development courses? (or any other similiar courses I might be interested in) I'd also love to hear about what college you attended for this and how the classes were and such.

    Are there other majors that might match my interests that I haven't thought of yet?

    If I don't stick to web development but expand into other computer fields, what else is there to consider? (I've considered software programming, for instance)

    I'd prefer a Christian college (my faith is an integral part of my life) and would also prefer a smaller college, but I'm open to secular and large colleges as well as long as they teach me what I want/need.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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