completely denied access to other software.

Discussion in 'ASP.NET' started by vinothsiva, Mar 15, 2007.

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    our projects did a task of hiding a volume(eg D: , E: , F:) in our
    mycomputer. by using registrykey, we hide the drives .

    But if any software(eg back up software, full format software) is
    installed in my system that installed software detect that hidden
    volume(our project hidden volume) and use that volume as normal

    our idea is to if any software installed in our system that software
    should not detect our hidden volumes.we want to completely hide
    except our project window. our project has to interact with
    os(operating system) and say hidden volumes are not available
    in our hard disk.

    completely denied access to other software.

    tell how registry key is applied to our application only.

    please ...
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    Posting the same issue over and over again will not help you. In fact that annoys the persons going through it and ultimately there will be no responses.

    Here are some of your similar threads.
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    [thread=3409]to hide the volume drive from the other procosser in [/thread]

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