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Complete Project. In Java?

Discussion in 'Java' started by fidsalazar, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. fidsalazar

    fidsalazar New Member

    Jul 11, 2013
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    I have several crucial questions about a project I need to develop as a my graduation work for Master in Engineering. It's not software Engineering, but Automation and Electricity. Below questions I describe the software I want to create. If things go fine it could become something usable for the company where I work and then a product:

    Questions are:
    What platform / network should I use?
    What programming language should I use?
    Is there an easy way to start having basic results?
    Do you know affordable services that could take parts of the project? This step for the as first I need to have the steps clear.

    Features desired for the software at long term are:
    Cloud based*
    Serving many clients
    Customized reports
    Managing databases*
    Communication with a GSM device*
    Communication with Scadas by OPC or other means (UDP/UTP)
    Some Math & Statistics analysis
    Integrated to a CMS
    User levels
    Generate and send alarms by mail, sms*

    Features marked with * are the ones I think I should start wiith from the very beginning.

    The complete idea is to offer a service to industries for collecting and treating data related to some of their processes. Slow processes are chosen so there is no pressure in acquiring, communicating, treating or accesing data.
    Data can be collected by different ways: automatic from electronic device which will be reporting by LAN or GSM or satellite, direct typing, or masive data uploading.
    Data treatment will be done under a mathematical approach and presented to users in form of reports showing curves, tables, summaries, tendences, alerts, etc. Reports should be customized.

    Any number of users should be allowed to the system with different level and privileges.

    I need to start from small by myself. In the future I could hire some help but I have to code the basics by myself. I only know C (that I don't use since more than 10 years) but plan to learn any language (just one). I feel very inclined to Pyhton by ScyPi and other math libraries but I´m posting this to Java Forum as I understand that Java o Java Script could be more convenient to this idea.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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